Sony TC-600 Stereo 2 channel Reel to Reel tape recorder


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Used in good working condition. You're looking at a vintage Sony 600 reel to reel tape recorder. Signs of cosmetic use but fully functional and ready for your next recording project.

A quality product from the Sony Corporation of Japan, the TC-600 was a quarter-track stereo machine playing at 7½ and 3¾ ips.The TC600 was a complete recorder with two heads, 3 watts per channel output and two 6″ speakers, while the TC-600D was a deck only, requiring external amplification for playback but with three heads and separate record and playback electronics.Circuitry was of the hybrid type, having both tube and solid state components.

Tape motion was controlled by a single large rotary selector on the right hand side of the machine giving play, stop, rewind and fast forward whilst record was selected by two red interlocked safety buttons below on the left hand side.Record level was indicated by two small “edge type” VU meters located below the red record indicators.

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