Prokustk 4.8SP 4-In 8-Out Digital System Processor DSP Ashly Protea Rackmount

Prokustk 4.8SP 4-In 8-Out Digital System Processor DSP Ashly Protea Rackmount


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Gently used, in great working condition. This is essentially a generic copy of the Ashly Protea 4.8SP DSP, purchased from the Chinese wholesale website Ali Baba. It's a well-made reproduction that gets the job done right! Shows some very light cosmetic signs of use, but it's in great shape overall; works as it should.

From Ali Baba:

4in 8out Audio Sound Processor DSP Digital Signal Processors Tulun Play 4.8SP

* This is 4-input by 8-output model, It has the ability to accurately and extensively control audio. The function buttons on the front panel interface allow quick transmission of all control parameters and eliminate hidden submenus.

* Backlight 2X20 features LCD display channel and function settings.

* Related buttons provide access to all audio features and system tools.

* ​RS-232 port in addition to the USB ports

* Advantages of using the software include greater preset capacity and a very intuitive visual representation of the audio routing and control process

1. Front Panel Parameter Control
2. Single rack space with XLR audio connections
3. Extremely intuitive user interface
4. Crossover, EQ , Delay and limiter function
5. Outputs assignable to any input
6. Front panel or PC programming and control with 4 levels of security
7. USB and RS-232 interface
8. Third - party control friendly
9. Balanced inputs and outputs
10. Link with Riley, Bessel and Butterworth filters
11. 12,18,24 and 48DB / Octave slopes
12. Parametric EQ: 1/64th to 4 Octave range
13. 682ms input and output delay (1,364ms total)
14. Limiter on each output
15. Individual input and output metering
16. Safety/ Compliance : CE FEE Roh

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