Zoom MRS-4B Portable Multi-Track Digital Recorder


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Used, in good working condition with some normal cosmetic signs of use (see photos). Includes a 32MB Smart Media card. Does not include power supply or other accessories, but check out our shop online or get in touch directly if you'd like to add anything to your order.

From ZOOM:

With the introduction of the battery powered MRS-4B, Zoom continues to pursue development of the self-contained workstation model, incorporating effects processing and a mixer into a lightweight, book-sized digital recorder with an old-school, easily operated cassette multi-track work surface. The unit records to the plentiful and inexpensive Smart Media Card as the storage solution of choice.

The MRS-4B is basically 4-track digital recorder with an additional Master Track for mixing, and both the record tracks and Master Track are supported by 8 virtual "take" tracks, full editing and effects assignment, and punch in/out capability.

The input allocation of the MRS-4B includes a pair of /1/4" unbalanced Mic/Line inputs, and an additional Left/Right Aux line input The inputs are supported by a set of insert effects including compression, cabinet simulation, and a mic preamp simulator for level and tone control of instruments and microphones. The mixer offers 5 physical faders, panning, insert, send/return functionality, and a 2-band EQ. A nice selection of Hall, Delay and other effects processors is available to sweeten the mix.

The MRS-4B packs all these features and functionality into a very lightweight unit that runs on AA alkaline batteries, and represents a flexible and remarkably inexpensive solution for songwriting and other personal music production needs.

• Portable, inexpensive, battery powered 4-track Smart Media card digital recorder with multi effects processing
• Compressed or uncompressed recording with CD-standard 16-bit, 44.1 kHz resolution; WAV and AIFF file format conversion with free downloadable MRS-4 Card Manager
• 20-bit A/D and D/A conversion
• 4 physical tracks with 8 virtual takes available per track and 2 tracks of simultaneous recording
• 1/4" Mic/Line Inputs and separate stereo Aux inputs with dedicated inserts; mic preamp and amp/cabinet simulators, compression and limiting insert effects
• Built-in mixer with 5 faders, inserts, panning, and effects sends and returns
• 50 Markers per Song, track editing, punch-in/punch-out and bounce recording, A-B repeat
• Track editing features include Copy, Move, Erase, Exchange and Bounce
• Built-in dedicated stereo Master Track with assignable Master Effects section and 8 virtual takes for alternative mix compilation
• Smart Media memory card storage with over 130 minutes of recording time available on 128 MB cards
• Hall, Delay, Doubling and Chorusing effects processors built-in
• Built-in chromatic tuner and metronome

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