Focusrite Vocaster One Studio USB-C Podcasting Audio Interface Bundle


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While any interface is sure to get the job done, why trust your podcast projects to anything other than an interface designed for precisely that? Enter the Focusrite Vocaster One, a USB interface delivering crystal-clear audio with several features onboard to fine-tune your sound to perfection. At first glance, the Vocaster One may seem like any other portable interface; however, deeper inspection reveals several incredible features setting this interface apart from others in its class. On the surface, the Vocaster One boasts a gain knob with over 70dB on tap alongside a volume knob for dialing in perfect monitor and headphone levels. Where the Vocaster One really starts to really shine is with regard to its onboard buttons, with Auto Gain and Enhance functions to bring out the best in every word and a handy Mute button for cutting out pesky sounds before being recorded. Flip around back and you'll encounter several connectivity options, including TRRS for connecting to phones, a TRS input for connecting cameras, and more. Best of all, the Vocaster One Studio pack includes an excellent Vocaster DM1 microphone, HP60v headphones, and an XLR cable, providing everything needed to hit the ground running in a rock-solid bundle. Kick your podcast recording quality up more than a few notches with the Focusrite Vocaster One!

Not only does the Vocaster One make recording podcasts a breeze, but Focusrite loaded this interface with a handy set of buttons tailor-made to give your recordings that studio shine from the source. To start, the Vocaster One supplies more than a whopping 70dB of gain, compatible with a wide range of microphones without the need for a booster. With the Auto Gain function, setting your gain level is a cinch — just push the button, start talking, and Vocaster One will handle the rest! The Enhance function offers three different podcaster-focused presets, each tailor-made to bring out more of the natural qualities of your voice. Whenever unwanted noises are creeping into the signal, a handy Mute button silences all sound sources in an instant, ensuring audiences can focus on your content without distractions.

-Vocaster One interface delivers broadcast-quality sound tailor-made for podcasting
-Gain knob delivers over 70dB of gain; compatible with a wide range of mics without needing a booster
-Volume knob dials in the perfect level for headphones and monitors
-Auto Gain button sets gain levels while talking
-Enhance button cycles through three podcaster-approved presets accenting the natural qualities of your voice
-Mute button silences sound sources in an instant
-Connect to a phone via TRRS cable to capture conversations, music, and more
-TRS input makes connecting camera audio a breeze
-Stereo Loopback grabs audio from a computer for intros/outros and more
-Vocaster DM1 microphone, HP60v headphones, and XLR cable included for everything needed right out the box
Includes software bundle: Hindenburg Lite (with 6-month trial of Pro version), aCast (6-month Influence Plan), SquadCast Pro + Video (3-month trial), and Ampify Studio (6-month premium trial)

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