Glastonbury Pickups SElectron Specials Hand Wound Single Coil Stratocaster Elec


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Brand new set of 3 "SElectron" Strat pickups. Handwound in Glastonbury, CT by Chris Carta, these pickups truly shred! They're new in the box and ready to find a happy home. See the final photo in this listing for tech specs.

From Glastonbury Pickups:
These Pickups are balanced based on true output (inductance) and resonate frequency of each coil. This translates to more of the full sound of your instrument coming out of your amp.
The result is a sound that brings out all the sonic qualities of your instrument and playing style.

Hand wound for both high resonant frequency AND inductance (true output). Result: Full and balanced response over entire guitar range with plenty of attack.

Traditional black vulcanized fiber with fully charged Alnico 5 flat top poles. The eyelets are rolled smooth on both ends and recessed. The coil leads are also recessed and lacquered in place.

A deliberate scatter wind pattern maximizes the coil's internal tuning. Oscilloscope testing ensures that winding specifications are met.

Wax Potting:
This is a critical step which alters the electrical dynamics and tone of a pickup. When cooled, an oscilloscope verifies the expected results before further work.

Color coded for hum cancelling in dual pickup mode.

Last, each pickup set is audio tested in guitar after passing all technical checks.

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