Kurzweil Forte 88 Weighted Hammer Action 88-Key Stage Piano w/ KMR-2 Music Rack


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For sale is a Kurzweil Forte 88 Key Weighted Action Stage Piano used, in excellent condition with additional Kurzweil KMR-2 Music Rack and power cable. This is a powerhouse, multi-timbral, fully-weighted action keyboard designed for professional sound designers and performers alike. Very low mileage, one original owner and kept in a smoke free studio its entire life. *Please contact us about a shipping quote prior to ordering*

From Kurzweil:

Navigate with ease, on the widescreen color LCD display and generous control set-
The 4.3" widescreen color LCD on the Forte is a breath of fresh air. You can navigate this stage piano's powerful features with ease, from selecting sounds and creating patches to creating layers and managing your inputs and outputs. You've also got assignable buttons for your favorite sounds, easy access to transpose/tap tempo/sound variation controls, and 23 more assignable physical controllers - that's an impressive amount of hands-on control! And for the deepest editing, a software editor is available to give you complete command over your Forte from your Mac or PC.

Load sounds instantly, thanks to Forte's Flash-Play technology-
You've got an expansive 16GB sound library in the Kurzweil Forte, and the best part is that you can load any sound instantly. Kurzweil calls it Flash-Play technology, and it means you'll never slow down or ruin a performance due to loading times. Kurzweil knows what you need to perform with confidence, and you get it all in the Forte.

Dynamically-allocated polyphony and other features for seamless sound and performance-
While it's not a new feature for Kurzweil it's one of their best - dynamic allocation of polyphony means you'll never hear notes "drop off" when you reach maximum polyphony. So even if you're playing heavily-layered sounds with lots of effects, the Forte is selective about which voices to drop in favor of new voices. You don't really need to think about it, but it's a huge deal when you hear how seamless and natural performances sound even with complex sounds.

Kurzweil Forte 88-key Stage Piano Features:
-16-part multi-timbral stage piano
-Fully weighted, hammer action keybed with velocity and aftertouch (Fatar TP/40L)
-Widescreen 4.3" color LCD screen makes it easy to navigate and manage sounds
-16GB of sounds, including new Japanese and German grand pianos
-Includes an assortment of sounds from Kurzweil's acclaimed PC3 and KORE64 expansion libraries
-"Flash-Play" lets you pull up any sound instantly, no loading time

* If you are placing an international order, please contact us prior to checkout to discuss shipping quotes.

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