Indio by Monoprice 66 Classic V2 Singlecut Electric Guitar Black w/ Gig Bag


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Used, in great playing condition. This guitar is surprisingly nice for the price point, with very solid build quality, great playability and killer humbucker tones, plus classic LP Jr. aesthetics with block inlays on the fretboard to boot! Very cool. In great shape, with some cosmetic signs of play. Includes gig bag.

From Monoprice:

Indio™ 66 Classic V2 Electric Guitars offer incredible value with stunning instruments that are ideal for beginners first learning to play, as well as experienced guitarists looking for a new, extra rig. Featuring an industry standard humbucker pickup in both the bridge and neck positions, you can enjoy the beefy tones found in classic rock and country music, from a meaty crunch to a ringing twang. Guitars are meant to be played and Indio makes real guitars that are more accessible than ever.

Indio™ 66 Classic V2 Electric Guitars feature some of the same industry standard materials found in other 66 Classic models, including a maple neck and rosewood fretboard. Rather than the basswood of earlier models, the body is made of poplar, which is a slightly harder wood with tonal characteristics similar to alder. In addition to standard woods, Indio 66 Classic V2 instruments feature two humbuckers, an improved bridge, and a 628mm scale.

The 66 Classic V2 features a new design over previous models, with improved finishes and colors, as well as a return to the block inlays in the fretboard found on our original model. With Sunburst, Black, Blue, and Cherry models, these guitars look more stunning than ever before. Additionally, the 66 Classic V2 models feature an improved bridge, recreating the timeless look of similar instruments.

Indio™ Classic Electric Guitars are all about value and the 66 Classic V2 models are no exception. No other instruments combine the specs, looks, and affordability of Indio 66 Classic V2 Electric Guitars! This is why the 66 Classic V2 guitars are ideal for beginners, but also make an excellent second, third, or even twentieth guitar for experienced players. Guitars are meant to be played and Indio makes real guitars that are more accessible than ever.

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