Keeley Neutrino V2 Optocoupler Envelope Filter / Auto Wah Effects Pedal w/ Box


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Gently used, in very good working condition. A great envelope filter that provides all that classic funky quack you've been after and then some! In great shape with minimal cosmetic signs of use. Ships in the original box with owner's manual and Keeley bumper sticker. Does not include power supply or other accessories, but check out our shop online or get in touch directly if you'd like to add anything to your order.

From Keeley:

The Keeley Neutrino V2 is an amazingly toneful and compact form of the classic opto-coupler envelope filter. The Neutrino takes your guitar playing and creates an automatic wah sound based on your pick attack! Envelope filters or auto-wahs as they are often called, sound and react best when they are opto-coupler based. The opto-couplers used in the Neutrino are particularly smooth, giving you an amazing vowel-like tone. The Keeley Neutrino gives you 3 filter ranges, 2 directions, 2 ranges for the frequency center and a Peak control. Keeley has engineered a power supply voltage-doubler so you maintain the highest headroom for your tone. An incredibly tough build means it will last for many decades to come. Whether you’re in a jam band or playing funk, the Keeley Neutrino V2 delivers incredible vocal-like tone.

• Envelope Filter and Auto-Wah for guitar, bass and keyboard
• Peak Control: Sets how much “quack” there is, or how smooth you roll
• Filter Selector: lets you choose between 3 types of filters: High, Low, and Band Pass.
• Range Switch: HI or LO.
• Direction Switch: Up or Down
• True-Bypass, 9 VDC, 25 mA, 100% analog and made in the USA.

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