Korg PBAD Pitchblack Advance Tuner Pedal


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An evolution of the best-selling Pitchblack tuner, the KORG Pitchblack Advance is the ultimate pedal tuner, meeting the needs of every guitarist. The all-new, cutting edge design offers superb visibility, ultra-high tuning accuracy and true bypass switching.

As the clear standard in pedal tuners for the guitarist or bassist, the Pitchblack is loved by professionals and amateurs around the world. The Pitchblack Advance is the next-generation model, a further evolution that features an advanced cutting-edge form and many of the functions and technologies developed for previous models of the Pitchblack series. Embracing both the traditional and the revolutionary, it represents the perfect summation of pedal tuners. The cutting-edge design offers four distinct display modes, superb visibility in any environment and ultra high tuning accuracy of +/- 0.1 cents. The Pitchblack Advance also features DC out for powering other pedals and a newly developed circuit that completely eliminates unwanted noise from the pedal. Additionally, the Pitchblack Advance offers up to 60 hours of battery life!

• Cutting-edge design, with a superbly visible display
• Ultra-high tuning accuracy of +/- 0.1 cents
• Four meter display modes; True bypass
• DC out allows parallel connection for powering other pedals
• Completely eliminates unwanted noise; Up to 60 hours of battery life!

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