Korg SV-1 88-Key Stage Vintage Digital Piano Keyboard w/ Gator Case & Foot Pedals

Korg SV-1 88-Key Stage Vintage Digital Piano Keyboard w/ Gator Case & Foot Pedals


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Used, in very good playing condition. Unquestionably one of the best digital pianos on the market -- you'll see these in the setups of lots of pro players because they're easy to use, very durably made, the RH3 hammer action keys feel pleasantly substantial, and the tones and effects engines are simply excellent. You can't go wrong! Perfect at home, on stage, in the studio, and in between. This one is in very good shape, with some light cosmetic signs of use throughout. Includes sustain pedal, XVP-10 volume/expression pedal, music stand attachment, and a nice Gator road case. The Gator case shows some wear and is missing one of the handles (see photo), but it's in solid shape overall and fully functional. Does NOT include a stand or other accessories, but send us a message before checking out if you'd like to add anything to your order.

From B&H:

The SV-1 from Korg is a 88-key digital keyboard with recreations of all of the most essential vintage analog instruments for the studio and the stage. It features 36 factory sounds that range from smooth electric pianos, quirky vintage organs, deep acoustic pianos, funky clavs, strings, and 1980's synths. Every sound can be tweaked to your liking and quickly saved with the dedicated on-board hardware controls. There is no display, there are no menus to scroll through, just an obsessively analog-sounding electric instrument.

There are 7 amplifier simulations to choose from, and a real 12AX7 tube that you can dial in to warm up the tone. Real eXperience Technology brings the SV-1 to life with realistic key clicks and electro-mechanical noises. You can hear the tines being struck, and the hammers falling. When you step on the included damper pedal, you can hear the musical percussive stomp, and when you pick up your foot you hear the instrument disengage.

In the past, if you wanted an organ with an interesting visual presence (in addition to interesting sound) your only choice would be to use a vintage instrument from the 1960's or 70's. Modern keyboard instruments all suffer from the same homogenized visual problem. You can paint a keyboard a bright color and stick a piece of wood on it, but at the end of the day you still have an instrument that looks like everything else on the market. Musicians respond to visual cues, and it's no accident that musical instruments have traditionally been beautiful things to look at.

The design of the SV-1 is in pure harmony with the sounds that it makes. Its rounded corners and curved body mark it as an instrument that cares about personality. All of the easy-to-use controls are on an angled panel just above the keys. A musician can create and save a sound live on stage without much of a thought. The glass 12AX7 tube glows on the front panel, encouraging you to juice up the tone.

There are 5 different effects sections that can be applied to the sounds on the SV-1. From EQ, to modulation and reverb, each effect section can be turned on or off at any time. There is even a USB output that you can plug into your computer and take the level of control over the SV-1 further.

The SV-1 provides standard mono and stereo 1/4" TRS outputs, and goes a step further with dual balanced XLR outputs for optimum sound. The SV-1 represents a major step forward in keyboard design. It's a musical instrument that will inspire your ears, eyes, hands, and soul.

• Real eXperience Technology makes the SV-1 sonically react like an analog instrument, key click, electro-mechanical sounds, damper pedal noises all add up to the expressive playability of the sounds
• Smooth electric pianos, quirky Italian organs, funky clavs, lush sound grand and upright pianos, strings, and synths
• 88 weighted hammer action keys with velocity touch curves
• Dial in its 12AX7 valve reactor tube for more warmth
• Amp simulations and effects
• Transpose, fine tuning, 8 tuning curves
• Damper pedal included

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