Frost Giant Electronics Saint of Sufferance Fuzz Effects Pedal


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Sufferance is our take on a Muff Fuzz, you know that old vintage silver box with 1 knob, a switch, and a 1/4 sticking right out of it

For the most part, the original was a Fuzz Face with clipping diodes, but we adjusted it to a hybrid of the Massif and a Tonebender MKII and pushed it to the devastating fuzz limits like all-out our builds. Still, musically sound like the original but more lows and a smoother sustain feel. But for those that either want a vintage or even broken sputter feel the Bias is available on top for more tonal options.

Volume – Adjusts the level output
Bias – Adjusts the transistor’s bias
Fuzz – Adjusts the fuzz level
Handmade in Texas.

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