Hungry Robot The Wash V2 Tap Tempo Delay / Reverb Effects Pedal w/ Box


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Used, in very good working condition. This boutique delay/reverb pedal is awesome, with fun, adventurous controls that are perfect for ambient soundscapes and washed out, cavernous tones. If you're after subtle slapback or super clean digital delay you may want to look elsewhere, but if you're into making lush, full and rich ambient tones with the potential for swirling delay feedback madness, this is the pedal for you! Shows some light cosmetic signs of use but this one is in great shape overall and ships in the original box. Does not include power supply or other accessories, but check out our shop online or get in touch directly if you'd like to add anything to your order.

From Boost Guitar Pedals:

If you're after a delay with tons of ambient wash, the Hungry Robot The Wash V2 is the perfect pedal for you.

The Wash V2 is an analogue-style tap-tempo delay offering over 1,000ms of delay time. The unique Wash circuit adds reverb to the mix in a way that replicates and even supersedes the technique of stacking several reverb and delay pedals in series.

The Wash Circuit
The Wash circuit adds reverb directly to the signal, but also utilises a complex of internal feedback loops, a multi-head Binson effect, and what founder Eric calls "ripple effect". The result is a hauntingly beautiful and subtle wash of reverb and delay which sits well in the mix and retains the clarity of the original signal.

What is Ripple Effect?
The ripple effect is just one part of the Wash circuit but is the only element that can be individually adjusted, using the Ripple control. With each successive delay, the trail is slowly scattered in an organic fashion and morphs into reverb.

What's New in V2?
The original Hungry Robot The Wash pedal housed a large PCB and 3 footswitches in a necessarily large enclosure.

The V2 has slimmed the footprint down by efficiently packaging the PCB (without changing the circuit at all) and eliminating the footswitchable option for the Wash circuit - this is now permanently on. A Time control has also been added for fine-tuning delay time.

• Tap-tempo delay with unique Wash circuit for haunting ambient sounds
• Tap-tempo operated by footswitch
• Handmade in Iowa, USA
• True bypass
• D Mix, D Rpts, Time, The Wash, Res, & Ripple controls
• Power: 9V power supply, centre-negative (not included)
• Current draw: 93mA

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