JAM Pedals Wahcko Bass Wah-Wah Effects Pedal


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Jam Pedals Wahcko Bass Wah-Wah Effects Pedal (BASS): Lose yourself for a Wah-ile!

From Jam Pedals: After years of appearing as a mainstay on many pros’ boards and earning its fair share of praise and awards, the Wahcko has established itself as the most vocal, expressive and at the same time versatile wah pedal out there.

1. RED Fasel inductor
2. Carbon-Comp resistors
3. 6-position rotary switch for different frequency sweep range
4. internal trimmer for adjusting the input gain
5. mini LED

*Useful Tip: Use your Wahcko as a tone-shaping tool. Turn the Wahcko+ on, leave it at the toe- down position and experiment with the 6 different settings of the rotary switch. We bet you can find many interesting tones for your lead or rhythm overdriven parts.

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