T-Rex Fat Shuga Boost and Reverb Effects Pedal


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So you’ve got the heart of vintage - a gorgeous tubey sound with just the right amount of overdrive cream. Now all you need is some classic ambience to create the right setting. T-Rex Fat Shuga delivers this in abundance with a gorgeous-sounding built-in reverb. Add a touch of room or hall ambiance, and feel the magic kick in, bringing your tone to life and recapturing everything that’s best about the pre-digital world.


Stranded as you are on a desert island (or on stage, or in the van on your way to a gig, or in the studio…), you’ll want to be sure you can depend on your stompbox, no matter what kind of stormy conditions arise. Fat Shuga is a compact, but ruggedly built unit that can withstand just about anything you can throw at it.
So visit your local music store today and take Fat Shuga for a spin.
Trust us: You won’t leave the store without one.


• Combination of creamy overdrive/boost and reverb
• Dynamic, touch-sensitive nature of the overdrive/boost
• Amp-like breakup and overdrive, and cool ambience
• Great for solo Boost
• Real warm vintage Reverb

Input impedance @ 1KHz: > 1M Ohm
Output impedance @ 1KHz: < 1K Ohm
Power supply: 9VDC (T-Rex FuelTank)
Minimum power supply voltage: 8,5VDC
Maximum power supply voltage: 12,5VDC
Current draw @ 9VDC: 66 mA
Maximum input signal Vp-p: 3Vp-p
Battery type: 9V battery 6F22
Battery life: 1-2 hours
External connectors: Input jack, output jack, 9VDC jack
Controls: On/off, cream, reverb mode switch, reverb knob
Pedal size incl. knobs (W x H x D): 70 x 50 x 115 mm / 2,8 x 2 x 4,5 inch
Weight excl. packaging: 0,218 kg / 7,69 oz

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