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The mythical design that started it all is back!

The Harmonic Booster was our first design ever.

In our quest to design the perfect bass distortion, first, we had to master the control of harmonics and filtering, which are crucial to sculpting the character and texture of a distortion circuit at will.

It was then when testing the first few gain and filter stages of what would later become the core of our overdrive technology that we realized that the harmonic excitation circuitry could yield amazing results on a clean signal at lower gain levels!

The result was a clean preamplifier that enhances attack and presence while sculpting the mids for a very percussive and aggressive character.

We have picked up a few tricks over the past decade, which translates into several improvements over the original design: aside from comprehensive EQ for additional flexibility, noise performance and headroom are vastly improved in v2.0.

The unique tone-shaping engine can be controlled with the Character knob, which at minimum leaves your signal completely flat, providing absolute control from subtle to extreme enhancement.

Along with this, we have a 3-band active equalizer with our staple bass and treble knobs, but for the first time in Darkglass history, featuring a semi-parametric mid control!

And although it is designed to be the perfect complement to our distortion circuits, its incredible flexibility and portability make it the perfect one-stop solution for gigging musicians in search of a precise, and harmonically rich clean preamplifier.

Boost: Flat -20dB to +20dB cut or boost.
Character: Allows blending in the perfect amount of the tone-shaping circuitry. It can be set counter-clockwise for a flatter frequency response.
Mid gain: +-20dB at the frequency selected by "Mid Frequency".
Mid Frequency: Mid frequency from 250Hz to 2.5kHz.
Bass: +-20dB @ 80 Hz.
Treble: +-20dB at 5 kHz.

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