JHS 3 Series Screamer Overdrive Effects Pedal Used


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Used in very good condition; signs of cosmetic wear are evident (see photos). JHS's take on the tubescreamer. Tested and fully functional; ready for a new home!

Description (from JHS's site):

Okay, yes, it’s another Tube Screamer. Does the world need another Tube Screamer? Probably not. Are there already literally hundreds of Tube Screamer-style pedals on the market right now? Yes, there are. But hear me out: the Screamer may be a modified version of the most popular guitar effect ever made, but it still has something unique to offer.

Basically, it's super usable, it's insanely versatile and it gives you the JHS Strong Mod in a pocket-sized enclosure. Plus it's only $99, which is like two cups of coffee. This pedal deserves to exist, people.

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