J. Rockett Audio Designs Hot Rubber Monkey (HRM) V2 Overdrive Pedal


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The HRM V2 is designed to achieve the overdriven sounds of a D style amp with the HRM EQ mod” This EQ mod creates a very low-mid centric throaty sound where the guitar frequencies live” The touch sensitivity and quickness gives the effect of immediacy and cuts through the mix.

For this V2 version we were able to spend about a 2 years living with an actual Dumble Amplifier with the HRM EQ mod. This allowed us to really drill down on the subtle nuances to make an even better version than the previous HRM. This pedal, even at lower gain settings, will bloom and feedback making it feel like the real thing. We found some very nice NOS parts that enhance the authenticity of the V2
version and most importantly it makes it fun to play.

Level: Controls the overall output and is very interactive with the gain control

Midrange: Controls the important “guitar” midrange and control the thick low mids.

Gain: Controls the amount of gain and is very interactive with the volume control

Top End: Controls the top end and helps tweak the amount of bite in contrast to the low mids.

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