Fuzzrocious DARK DRIVING (Low Gain Overdrive + Medium Gain Distortion)


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(Warm low gain overdrive through medium distortion)
We’re back, baby! Dark Driving started as a one knob OD/distortion, grew to a three knob version, took a li’l rest, and now it’s back and ready to live on your pedalboard. In this new version, you can replicate the old DD sounds and do so much more.

Alongside some small changes internally, we’ve added a clean boost after the traditional DD circuit to allow you to stay above unity gain and add more volume to push your amp and/or other pedals. We’ve changed the Light/Dark mod to a toggle and made the brightness and warmth more dramatic. You can select no diode clipping to open up your drive with less compression or add in BAT46 diodes to clip with more aggression and warmth.

DDv3 is an asset to any bass or guitar player’s setup and would love to be your always-on sound or be used as you deem fit. You’re going to LOVE DDv3!

Feature set:

Runs at 9-12V – opens up a little more at 12V
BAT46 diode – warm, compressed, crunchy OR Germanium diode – gutty, warm compression (germ limited to 20 units – SOLD OUT)
Light/dark mode – great for guitar/bass and sharp/warm tones
Separate Gain and Drive pots – sculpt the drive/distortion
Expanded Tone control – DDv1/2 tones available and way wider tone sweep
Low to medium overdrive/distortion level – perfect as always on tone or pushing your amp/other pedals

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