Darkglass Electronics Microtubes B1K Bass Preamp / Overdrive Effects Pedal


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Smaller and more straightforward, the Microtubes B1K brings Darkglass’ legendary distortion circuit into a portable and functional form factor. It is the first of its kind from an all -new lineup, with intuitive controls and easy access to secondary internal controls. Designed by mechanical and electronics engineers hungry to piece together a rugged and reliable piece of equipment, this mini pedal is affordable without sacrificing the high quality Darkglass is known for.

Top Features:
• The Microtubes sound in a smaller form factor, perfect for saving space on a pedalboard or keeping in a gig bag
• Intuitive controls, with concentric knobs for Level and Drive on the face of the pedal and internal controls for Tone and Blend
• Perfect for use as an always-on pedal to build the base of your tone, or as your only distortion to keep your rig simple

Top Specs:
• The Microtubes distortion tone in a mini pedal
• Straightforward design in a reliable form factor
• Concentric Level and Drive control knobs
• Internal Tone and Blend controls with easy access
• Standard 9V DC pedal power

Did You Know?
• The Darkglass Microtubes engine (or circuit) is fully analog and was designed to be a perfect combination of distortion and clarity for bassists playing a wide variety of genres
• High input impedance and low output impedance to best receive your bass’ signal and avoid any “tone suck”

[see Darkglass website for more info]

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