Mythos Pedals Argonaut Mini Octave Effects Pedal


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Mythos Pedals Argonaut Octave Effects Pedal

The Argonaut is a no frills pedal offers a clean-ish octave up sound. Using it alone offers you a gnarly, ring mod-esque sound that is pretty funky. The fun begins when you combine it with your favorite overdrive or fuzz pedals. Once combined all the iconic octave tones we know and love begin to jump out of your signal. It’s very touch responsive, weird, and fun all rolled into a small little package.

-Handmatched NOS Germanium Diodes
-Gnarly octave up tones
-Pairs with your fave drive or fuzz!
-Top quality jacks, switch, pots, and components throughout.
-Approx. 10 mA Current Draw
-Please note this circuit sounds best after most fuzzes.
-All Mythos Pedals operate on standard 9 volt dc power adapters. Center negative only. Mythos Pedals do not have internal 9 volt battery clips.

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