JAM Pedals Pink Flow 8-in-1 Multi-Pedal Effects Pedal


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Jam Pedals Pink Flow 8-in-1 Multi-Pedal Effects Pedal: Bring the "Pink" lines to life and "Shine On!"

From Jam Pedals: The Pink Flow is our proposed combination of JAM pedals designs that will
-Equip you with the essential tools to not only bring your “Pink” lines to life but lift them to a whole new level
-Offer a future-proof and versatile array of effects that will help you “Shine On” in most live and recording situations you might find yourself in down the road
-Maintain the integrity of your hard-earned tone with 100% handmade analog circuitry, a selection of true or buffered bypass (Delay Llama trails mode) and zero patch cables!
-Simplify your rig by minimizing set-up and tear-down times, reduce hauling weight and restrict power and audio cabling to the minimum
-Allow you to focus on creating and playing music

FEATURES: In seeking to make the Pink Flow as versatile as possible, we have proceeded to introduce the following features:
· TAP tempo with subdivisions on the Delay Llama.
· Delay Llama trails mode.
· External TAP tempo IN.
· Send / Return FX loop between the Overdrive and Modulation sections for you to place other effects in.
· True Bypass Relay Switching.

1. Seagull: the seagull effect heard in “Echoes”!
2. Dyna-ssoR: A realisation of our inspiration to combine a Ross Compressor® and a vintage DynaComp® using the extremely rare NOS CA3080 chip.
3. Tubedreamer: a JRC4558D equipped 808 style overdrive offering a carefully tuned, midrange frequency register, that delivers warm and rich overdriven sound through any amp. Features a high- gain toggle-switch.
4. Red Muck: a Fuzz / Distortion pedal, inspired from the circuits of the ’71 “triangle” and the later “Red Army / Civil War” Muff. Features a toggle-switch to select between symmetrical or asymmetrical clipping.
5. FX Loop Send / Return: Connect other effect/s to place them AFTER the Red Muck and BEFORE the WaterFall.
6. WaterFall: a smooth, lush-sounding Chorus / Vibrato pedal, featuring BBD chips, with 2 toggle-switches, one to select between chorus and vibrato modes, and another to switch to a wetter effect.
7. Ripple: Smooth, sweet and transparent 2-stage phaser pedal.
8. Delay Llama: A fully analog, BBD chip, delay pedal with a maximum delay time of 600ms, Tap Tempo, HOLD function, and Delay Time expression pedal input. Features a two-position toggle-switch for trails mode ON/OFF and external Tap Tempo input.

* Removing the bottom cover will reveal the 3 trimmers mentioned previously, located on the blue PCB (right) which you can adjust to:
-set WaterFall’s maximum speed
-set Delay Llama’s maximum amount of repeats
-set Delay Llama’s trails decay amount

*The Pink Flow features soft-click (relay) switching. Requires 9V DC centre negative power supply 200mA minimum (not included)

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