Rainger FX Flanger-X with IGOR Flanger Effects Pedal


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Rainger FX Flanger X with Igor

Massive flanging - from a mini-pedal

Mix in a huge rocket launch simulation - for next-level intensity!

Can do clean chorus-y shimmer

Includes Igor pressure-sensitive controller pad

Modulation speed adjustable in real-time

A digital flanger with analogue rocket sound - internally created

A custom Rainger FX enclosure

The Flanger-X is a digital flanger, the latest in our ‘X’ series of mini-pedals. It does anything from a slight chorus through to a massive modulation, from ‘stationary’ flange tones to ultra-fast wobbles. And it also has a built-in huge rocket launch sound reproduction - to mix in to exaggerate the flanger into a colossal sweep - at some settings overwhelming the actual instrument sound itself!

The Flanger-X is the flangiest flanger that ever flanged!!!

It’s true-bypass, and digital - and features an analogue sound reproduction of a space rocket launch, as it burns through the atmosphere heading to space! This sound is envelope-controlled, or on all the time, or just in specific bursts whenever you press Igor. Add in the amount needed - maybe have it completely silent, or up full to really blast away the cobwebs…


The main controls are ‘Flange’ - for amount of the effect, ‘Rate’ - from stationary to weirdly fast, ‘Rocket’ - from nothing to full blast, ‘Vol’, and ‘FBK’ - for those twangy fast-repeat echo trails….

There’s an ‘Igor’ switch, changing it from speed ramp-up to momentary noise burst. The ‘Env’ switch changes the rocket sound from envelope-controlled to always-on.

There’s a ‘Peak’ LED - to show that the digital input is overloading; this does no damage at all, but happens when ‘rocket’ is on full - adding the final distorted intensity to the sound.

About the rocket noise

This is a full-frequency, three-dimensional analogue rocket sound simulation, with the muffled pops and low roar of a heavy-lift vehicle launching. The sound is partly achieved - at full ‘rocket’ setting - by overloading the input to the digital flanger circuit, adding an extra layer of bubbling distortion.

Turn down this knob and the rocket seems to move away (through a cloud layer….?!)

On the ‘ENV’ setting however, the rocket sound follows the envelope of the signal, and has most of its low-end rolled off - just adding texture and keeping it out of the way of the main tone of the notes you’re playing.

Play the Flanger-X into some sort of drive pedal after it, and it adds a really exciting fizz, with dramatic silence in the quiet bits.

About Igor

Igor is a pressure-sensitive controller, designed to get real-time expression easily. At one setting, lean on it and it speeds up the modulation to its fastest rate. At the other setting, it adds a rocket noise burst… like interference breaking through…

It’s dual sensitivity; flip it over for a hard or soft press.

The Flanger-X is a unique flanger; designed to create the real extremes of modulation settings - and everything in between.

The innovative rocket sound adds amazing textural effects and can sound fascinatingly hypnotic, but at the same type incredibly powerful.

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