Fuzzrocious Tyrannochorus ( Fuzz/Chorus) Effects Pedal


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TYRANNOCHORUS is our second big foray into modulation. A normal chorus would be boring, so we made it more "Fuzzrocious."
Here are the features:
GATED FUZZ: We've placed a gated fuzz in the wet loop of the chorus which can be turned on/off via the left footswitch.
TOP MOMENTARY FOOTSWITCH: The top momentary footswitch sends the rate/speed of the chorus into full flutter for extra weirdness (have you ever seen three usable footswitches in the 1590BB footprint??).
WIDE TONE SWEEP: Wide tone sweep affecting the chorus.
FEEDBACK: Feedback of the chorus is adjustable to go from a dry chorus to a warped, alien chorus.
TRIMPOTS: Depth control, further depth control, fuzz clean blend, and fuzz tone.

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