Pearl Rhythm Traveler Compact 5-Piece Drum Shells Set Black 5pc


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Used, in fair condition. This compact Pearl kit features a 20" kick drum, 13" snare, and 14, 12 and 10" toms. The kit is in rougher shape, with a blown out head and missing leg on the kick drum and some dirt and cosmetic wear and tear throughout (see photos). However, most of the heads are in decent shape and all the lugs are present, so with a little TLC this kit will be good to go; we're selling this as-is because we don't currently have the time or capacity to fix it up. Does not include hardware, cymbals, etc., but send us a message or call the shop directly if you'd like to add anything to your order.

* If you are placing an international order, please contact us prior to checkout to discuss shipping quotes.

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