Squier by Fender Jazz Bass Guitar MIM Metallic Red 1998 Mexico


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Used, in good playing condition. This late-'90s Squier J Bass was made in Mexico and is much closer to a Fender Player series instrument in terms of playability and build quality than today's Indonesian and Chinese Squiers. Very comfortable maple neck with rosewood fretboard, a sweet pair of single coil pickups, and an attractive metallic red finish make this bass a real winner for players of all styles and skill levels. Sweet deal!! This bass has fairly high mileage and shows a healthy amount of cosmetic wear and tear throughout (see photos), but the neck is healthy and the instrument is in very good shape overall with the potential to last for many years to come in the right hands. Does not include a case/gig bag or other accessories, but check out our shop online or get in touch directly if you'd like to add anything to your order.

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