Fender Vibroverb 40W 1x15" Tube Combo 1964 Black Panel Pre-CBS A02232 w/ Cover


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Here is a rare bird indeed - for sale is an all-original 1964 Fender Vibroverb 1x15" 40W 2- Channel Tube combo with a custom Stage Line quilted cover. This beautiful amp was meticulously maintained its entire life and sounds phenomenal with a glassy aura that makes this a true hallmark Fender design. The A02322 circuit is a sweet spot in the spectrum of black panel-era amps - 40W through a single 15", 2-channels with tremolo and reverb in a manageable enclosure is just about all anyone needs. These were only in production from late 1963-1964 and are getting hard to come by. It is no wonder why this was Stevie Ray Vaughn's amp of choice for its mid range bloom and gorgeous compression. The dynamic, glassy cleans that it generates are truly remarkable and would be a powerful studio or professional performance tool. The original 15" special design speaker may have been re-coned at some point in its life, but is nicely worn in either way with good definition and nicely carries the range of voice that the amp is capable of. Given a three prong conversion and replacement of some caps long ago; original transformers, mostly original electrolytics otherwise. Original footswitch included. Original tilt legs included. Minor signs of cosmetic wear and tear in the tolex, some hardware components (see photos).

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