Fender Vibrolux Reverb 35W 2x10" Vintage Guitar Tube Combo 1967 Black Panel


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Used, in good condition with replacement Fender footswitch and replacement cover. Serial number dates the amp to 1967. The speakers were swapped with two USA-made Weber Ferromax 10F150-T 10" Ceramic speakers that are in great shape. Filter caps have been replaced and a three-prong grounded AC cable installed. This amp has been loved dearly and played for many years by a local gigging professional and has been carefully maintained for the majority of its life. It has all of the sweet, mellow compression and bloom of a black panel Fender amp with particularly nice presence with these Weber speakers. Very sweet and dimensional at almost any volume setting.

There are typical cosmetic breaks in the tolex, marks on the control plate and chassis (see photos) as well as some added casters on the bottom of the amp, but it is generally in good shape for its age. Includes original dust cover and footswitch.

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