Fender Princeton 6G2 Tuxedo Vintage 12W 1x10" Guitar Tube Combo 1963 Black Panel


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Used, in very good condition with mostly original components and sounding like a true dream! This a 1963 Fender "Tuxedo" Princeton 6G2 1x10" 12W tube combo that has been well-maintained, used but not abused, and is ready for pro studio or performance use. This is a brown-panel-era 6G2 circuit housed in a black panel enclosure from a transitional period from '63-64 that has all of the creamy and dreamy breakup that makes the players yearn. Beautiful and rich even at lower volumes, boisterous and dynamic when pushed to ten. The amp was professionally outfitted with a three prong ac cable, an adjustable bias control, and at some point the baffle was replaced and was loaded with a nice Alessandro GA10-SC59 10" Alnico speaker in excellent shape. A glorious package for the right player looking for the real-deal-vintage at a better market offering. Some scuffs and minor cosmetic wear and tear in the tolex (see photos), but this one is in very good shape overall for its age. The amp does not include the original speaker or other original accessories.

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