Fender Deluxe Reverb AB763 Vintage 22W 1x12" Guitar Tube Combo 1969 Silver Panel


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For sale is a 1969 Fender Deluxe Reverb AB763 Vintage Tube combo in good playing condition. This one is a bit of a rare bird - this a transitional piece with mostly Black-panel-era circuitry but with Silver-panel-era cosmetics. The proof is in the pudding when one plays this amp, the sound is unmistakably a Black-panel signature amp with all of the tonal dynamics and compressed bloom that these 22W circuits do so well. It has received a three-prong grounded AC cable conversion, replaced tubes and a few controls/electrolytic components have been touched up or replaced, but the chassis is mostly original. Cosmetically a bit rougher with what the industry calls "serious mojo" with typical wear and tear for an amp that was quite used, but not abused in its lifetime; has black tape on the corners and bottom of the cab (see photos). Outfitted with an Alessandro GA-SC64 speaker that sounds excellent in this amp; includes the non-functional original speaker and original footswitch. This is really one of the sweeter-sounding Deluxe Reverbs we have seen and the player price/condition will make it a quick seller!

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