Ampeg GS-15R Gemini VI 30W 1x15" Vintage Guitar Tube Combo c. 1960s


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Used 1960s Ampeg Gemini VI amplifier in great working condition. This vintage 1x15" combo features huge, warm tube tones with lush tremolo and spring reverb. It's built like an absolute tank, with cool vintage aesthetics and killer tones to match. Awesome! It's in very good shape for its age, with some normal cosmetic signs of use throughout (see photos). Works as it should; original 2-button footswitch is attached.

From Counterhoop (specs may differ slightly):

The Gemini VI GS-15-R was a continued evolution in the Gemini Series. It is a single channel version of the Gemini II, with tremolo and echo, also featuring a fixed-bias power section that bumped up the output to 30 watts. Originally intended for the accordion and guitar, it found popularity among guitarists.

The amp has some interesting features, there is a "click" stop past the usual maximum point on the treble control. This was called an "Ultra High Switch" it serves as a "bright" switch. Likewise, the tremolo intensity pot has a "click stop" that activates a "repeat percussion" feature that was supposed to offer an echo repeat sound, it actually turns the volume completely on and off rather than just modulating it up and down.

Like other Gemini amps, this GS-15-R features the famed Baxandall type treble and bass circuits that both "boost" and "cut", bass and treble, not just "cut". The cabinet is divided between the power section and the speaker section, allowing the speaker portion to be fine-tuned with a smaller "port" type of opening in the back panel, while still allowing the upper "power section" to be more open and provide better cooling. The traditional Blue Diamond Tolex covering and brown grille complete the classic Ampeg styling.

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