Alessandro / Comins Jazz 60W 2x10" Guitar Combo Amplifier w/ Cover


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Used, in excellent-to-mint condition with a nice cover. Very low mileage, one original owner. This amp is a viable alternative to a Fender Twin - more versatile, lighter weight, and with top quality components and workmanship throughout. Broad sonic range - especially good when paired with a quality archtop guitar. Amp voicing was a collaboration between Bill Comins and George Alessandro. The amp is integrated within an Alessandro WD cabinet (w/ Comins label). Reverb response is exceptional, responding to playing dynamics well. High-quality, handwired amp utilizing using Military spec. Teflon silver wiring. A few minor cosmetic marks on the tolex (see pics). Includes padded cover.

-23.5"W X 17"H X 11"D
-40 lbs

-60 Watt Class AB Guitar Amplifier
-(2) 6550 power amp tubes
-(1) 12AT7 Reverb tube
-(1) 12AX7 pre-amp tube
-(1) 12AT7 phase inverter tube
-Custom high-impedance tube, spring reverb circuitry
-Reactive/interactive tone controls for ultimate tuneability
-Precision matched/balanced phase-inverter circuit
-360-degree phase transparent pre-amp circuit
-Hand wired and assembled
-High strength stainless steel chassis
-Ceramic tube sockets, silver-plated contacts
-Military spec. Teflon silver wiring utilized throughout
-Variable fixed bias for ease of servicing
-Lightweight cabinetry design
-Special "alive resonance" cabinetry construction and materials
-Silver plated military spec. input and output jacks
-Long tube life/high reliability circuitry design
-Audiophile Silver solder throughout
-(Celestion BL 10-150 Neo Speakers)
-A final output control/attenuator (100%-50%) enables the amp to adapt practicing or performing formats.
Control Panel:
-Input Jack: Jangly/Creamy(Brighter/Darker switch)
⁃Reverb level
⁃Treble, Middle, Bass: interactive
⁃Final Output Power Control
⁃Stand-by and On/Off switches

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