Fender Bandmaster 6G7-A Piggyback 40W Head & 2x12" Cab Blonde 1963 w/ JBL K120s


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For sale is a 1963 Fender Bandmaster 6G7-A Piggyback 40W Head with its matching 2x12" Cabinet loaded with two sweet JBL K120 vintage speakers in excellent shape as well. This is a seriously clean gem of a collectable Fender! Gorgeous cleans at every stage of volume resulting in syrupy, dynamic and compressed lead tones when pushed towards ten. The 40W 6GA-7 circuit has a blooming and percussive quality to its response that is oh-so-special and can be paired with other cabs or attenuators for a variety of responses. The vintage JBLs are clean and clear with amazing headroom, nicely worn in but not worn out. Truly one of our favorite Fender sounds from the era in a glorious, large package that would live comfortably in a studio space or professional touring rig. Very minor cosmetic wear and tear in the tolex, small break in the original grille cloth, etc. (see photos) but this sweetheart is one of the cleanest we have seen and won't last long! There's a circular hole that's been cleanly cut in the bottom of the head (see photos); we're not sure if it's original or not but it doesn't affect functionality and isn't visible most of the time. This amp has been lovingly maintained by its original owner and has seen no modifications other than the standard 3-prong conversion, modern replacement tubes, and some unoriginal back screws on the cabinet. Original footswitch included!

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