Darkglass Electronics Exponent e500 500W Bass Amplifier Head


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Exponent 500 is a new concept on the market: a hybrid amplifier that combines clean analog amplification with powerful digital signal chain modeling featuring all the components a professional bassist requires. With its audio interface capabilities and 500W of loud, ultra-clean power, Exponent 500 is an extremely capable solution for every context, packed in a gorgeous and compact light housing for maximum portability.

• Bassists who want deeper customization of their sound
• Recording studios who need a wide variety of bass sounds in one amp
• Darkglass fans wanting to take a step into cutting edge amp technology
• Bassists who need a simple but versatile home recording solution

Top Features:
• An ever-growing DSP library that has compressors, distortions, modulation, preamps, Impulse Responses and more in the Darkglass Suite app
• Powerful clean analog amplification, capable of running with the modeling software bypassed
• Full MIDI control over presets and parameters

Top Specs:
• 500 watt bass amp head
• Ultra clean analog amplifier with powerful
digital modeling
• Assignable effects, preamps, and cabinet
• Audio interface capability over USB
• Full MIDI control
• Effects loop

Did You Know?
• Exponent 500 combines all of the technologies Darkglass has been developing since their inception in one novel amplifier
• Exponent 500 uses MIDI instead of their IFS footswitch, as MIDI controllers are capable of significantly deeper control

• Mono instrument input (1/4")
• Speaker output (speakON)
• XLR DI output
• Headphone output (1/4" stereo)
• USB-C (Audio interface and Darkglass Suite)
• MIDI input (5-pin DIN)
• Bluetooth (audio in and Darkglass Suite)
• Effects loop send and return (2x1/4")

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