Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega 500 500W Bass Amplifier Head


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The Alpha·Omega 500 is a 500W amplifier equipped with an all-analog preamplifier, two distinct distortion circuits (Alpha and Omega), a custom-designed Darkglass high-efficiency class D Module, an ultra-quiet graphic equalizer, and a digital impulse-response cabinet emulator for DI outputs or headphones.

Top Features:
• Sleek 500w bass amplifier featuring the signature Alpha-Omega drive engine
• New cab sim designs allows for 3 user- programable impulse responses
• The new 6-band graphic EQ and studio- grade compressor allow for the ultimate shaping of your tone
• Aux input to allow you to practice or perform with backing tracks

Top Specs:
• 500w amplifier with signature Darkglass distortion engine
• Cab sim with 3 selectable impulse responses
• Studio-grade 6-band graphic EQ and intelligent compressor
• Expanded connectivity with aux in, headphone output, and DI output
• USB connector to load user impulse responses
• AO500 allows you to blend the powerful Alpha and Omega distortion engines, perfect for modern heavy music in addition to other genres

Did You Know?
• A new custom-designed Darkglass high-efficiency class D power amplifier module enables the usage of speaker cabs with impedance as low as 2Ω, adding a new level of flexibility for your cabinet options
• The one knob compressor has intelligent makeup gain for consistent levels
• Features a custom power amp module for as much power as possible within 500w

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