Whitney SCW-22R 1x12" Boutique Handwired Guitar Tube Combo Amplifier


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For sale is a handwired tube combo by boutique builder Michael Whitney in excellent condition. Michael Whitney is a veteran tech/builder based out of Connecticut, USA. His SCW-22R is a 20 watt, 6V6 Bassman-style circuit with master volume, presence control and reverb along with his own careful modifications to the circuit. High-quality construction with USA Classic Tone components, Marshall 1974x style cabinet from Mojotone. Celestion Vintage Series 70th Anniversary G12H 30W speaker. The result is an outstanding combo with amazing bloom, articulation and syrupy cleans. The reverb is very atmospheric and musical - nowhere near as intense as a Fender tank or similar but wonderful for padding lead lines. In wonderful condition with only a few minor cosmetic marks. Included is a custom-order Tuki padded amp cover.

Check out the video below for a demo from our amp room!

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