Telesforo Julve Vintage Classical Acoustic Guitar Natural


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Here's a vintage Telesforo Julve classical acoustic guitar in playable condition. This guitar has seen better playing days, but is still really fun to play! It was refinished by a previous owner and could use a neck reset. It has very high action currently - the measurements at the 12th fret read 11/64" on the bass side, and 3/16" on the treble side, and there is no saddle left to lower the action further. Despite that, the guitar is still incredibly sonorous with great tone and kind of a blast to play! Conventionally we would meet the needs of the instrument to make it play optimally, but this one we are selling as-is. Does not include a case/gig bag or other accessories, but check out our shop online or get in touch directly if you'd like to add anything to your order.

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