Korg KDM-3 Digital Metronome White


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With a new design that resembles a classic mechanical metronome, the new KORG KDM-3 provides powerful, clearly audible tones and a variety of beat patterns and sounds.

The KDM-3’s design is reminiscent of an acoustic mechanical metronome, except much smaller, making it a perfect fit for your tabletop, piano, or any practicing environment. Featuring a newly designed sealed speaker enclosure, it delivers powerful volume that exceeds its compact size, allowing you hear the metronome over the sound of your instrument or in a group setting. The KDM-3 features a variety of sounds including mechanical metronome , cowbell, rimshot, or voice and also offers 19 beat pattern, easy, one-touch operation, and a large display. Designed with reliability in mind, the KDM-3 also offers up 120 hours of battery life and a convenient Memory Backup function that will remember your settings in-between practice sessions, as well as an Auto Power-Off function.

• Stylish design that’s reminiscent of a mechanical metronome
• Eight metronome sounds, including a mechanical metronome sound
• 19 beat patterns support songs of any genre; Three types of tempo settings
• Memory Backup function and Auto Power-Off function
• Long-life design ensures worry-free performance even during extended practice sessions

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